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GROUPS @ Duggies!

We LOVE groups at Dugarel's! Our space is large and flexible with options in the dining room, the bar, The Dugout and, weather permitting, the patio!

You can be confident that we will do everything we can to accommodate your teams, parties, and gatherings!

A few things to keep in mind.

  • Obviously the more time we have to plan for group, the more likely we'll be able to have you, but even if you give us a call (651-480-0003) an hour ahead, it will help us get ready for you! If you walk in without giving us a heads up, we will do our best to find you a spot, space permitting.

  • For parties of 20 people or more, our Group Menu will be in play. It contains our most popular items, and will ensure that our kitchen can get you your food in a reasonable amount of time, while also servicing the rest of the restaurant .

  • This could probably go without saying, but If your party includes children, please keep an eye on them, both inside and outside of the building.  We love having the kiddos here, but you need to make sure they aren't disrupting our staff and other guests.



Semi-Private Space for Groups!

Dugout Logo.png

Located just off of our back dining room, The Dugout at Duggies is semi private space that can hold up to  30 or 40 people, depending on seating needs!

  • Meetings

  • Youth Sport Teams

  • Fantasy Drafts

  • Showers

  • Parties

  • and MORE!

The Dugout is equipped with several high tops and a couple of our high def big screen TVS!

A few things to keep in mind when deciding to reserve the space.

  • It is FREE to reserve the space

  • We don't take reservations for it on Friday and Saturday evenings.

  • All patrons of Dugarel's will have access to the arcade games located inside The Dugout.

  • We have a special menu for The Dugout that contains our most popular items. This menu ensures that our kitchen will be able to get you your food in a reasonable amount of time, while servicing the rest of the restaurant as well.

  • You are welcome to use The Dugout for general dining if it isn't in use by another group.

If you are interested in reserving The Dugout, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you!
Please note, your reservation isn't considered set until it you get a confirmation from us.

Thanks for submitting!

The Dugout
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